resume.history (startups)

I immediately found my passion after building my first 286 machine and logging-on on at 2400bps. As a professional, it has been an amazing journey to watch technology evolve right before your eyes.

Agellus Engineering

Software Architect
Nov '15 – Present
Industrial Engineering
Austin, Texas
Highlights: Photogrammetry, Camera Hardware, ARM Development (NVidia TX1), ROS, Web Applications
Agellus is a research and development company specializing in computer vision and sensor technologies. The patented research attempts to innovate the way we aproach survey through sensor and photogrammetry advances. I lead a small team through the challenges of cutting edge open source technologies, university research and application development.

SPC Direct

Technical Consultant
Oct '14 – Nov '15
Digital Marketing
Austin, Texas
Highlights: Application and Secure Cloud Architecture, Closed APIs Development
Technical consultant for a pharmaceutical startup providing SAAS prototypes for distribution, marketing and sales management. Using Laravel and HIPPA/PCI compliant cloud architecture via Vormetric Security.


Director Development & Design
Oct '13 – Oct '14
Digital Marketing
Austin, Texas
Highlights: Development and Design Direction, Technical Management, Application Support, Social and Analytics APIs
SaleAMP is a full-service marketing startup specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Content Creation, Conversion and Socialmedia. Coordinating teams of developers, designers and marketing professionals through scope, direction, development and delivery of technical projects streamlining marketing workflows. One of the highlights included working with Carfax expanding a large corporate brand into used car sales.

Photon Factory

Technical Director Partner
May '09 – Oct '13
Offshore Engineering
Austin, Texas
Highlights: Cloud Architecture, Steaming Video, 3D Modeling, Client/Server, Sonar
Technical director of client/server applications and lead developer of remote web applications. Unity and IC3D were focused on servicing the offshore engineering industry with document controls, live/recorded video and 3D modeling tools. I supplied architecture of cloud technologies and technical direction of engineers supporting live salvage operations offshore.

Publications & Communications

Web & Technical Manager
May '04 – May '09
Online Publishing
Austin, Texas
Highlights: General Technical Management, Digital Portfolio Management, Magazine Distribution
Technology manager for a national magazine publisher. Managed daily technical operations and production environments for both print and online distribution. Working with both executive publishes, art directors, sale mangers and web developers to maintain consistent results across both web and print products.

Able Management Company

Web & Technical Manager
May '01 – Aug '02
Retail and Ecommerce
Huntsville, Texas
Highlights: Technology, Web Development
Managed technical operations of 7 retail locations over extended regional cisco appliances. Assisted in the setup, design and development of the e-commerce site aimed at hunting accessories.